Members Benefits

DPTC reason for being is to add value for its industry members through the transfer of Dairy Processing improvements and innovations produced from its research programmes.
Some of the benefits for industrial partners include:

  • The opportunity to influence the direction of research programmes
  • Access to the largest network of Dairy Processing Industries and Research Organisations in Ireland
  • Unrivalled awareness of outputs of the funded research projects
  • Professionally managed and timely access to IP and research outputs at fair market rates
  • Pre-agreed, preferential terms to ensure seamless transfer and low transaction cost of core funded research project output into Industry/state co-funded or 100% industry funded projects with Centre RPO Parties
  • Opportunity to identify talent for future recruitment
  • Since the DPTC Research is directed nationally based on the core competencies of the Research Organisations, members have a single point of contact to this network
  • Access to members only networking forum and events plus meetings with key industry players, academia, and government agencies.
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