Pillar 2

Next Generation Dairy Processing Science and Technology

Pillar 2 is designed to deliver on Industry expectations as follows:

  • To create and validate a pipeline of science and technology platforms for existing and new products and processes.
  • To develop and implement a pipeline of technological solutions and projects balanced across the Horizon 1 (transitional change engineering), Horizon 2 (applied science & technology) and Horizon 3 (advanced strategic science & technology) spectrum.
  • To create new knowledge, know-how, methods, tools and insights to step change the efficiency, costs and flexibility of wet and dry processing in the dairy industry.
  • To apply new thinking and technology to enable the effective extension of the seasonal window for processing of premium cheese and other dairy products.
  • To create a continuous stream of new technologies/technology platforms that have been developed to commercialisation readiness for implementation by partner companies.

DPTC Pillar Co-Leads
Prof. Gavin Walker – University of Limerick
Dr. Seamus O’Mahony – University College Cork

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