Success by DPTC on EI Capital Equipment Call

Success by DPTC on EI Capital Equipment Call

24th June 2020

Diarmuid Sheehan (Teagasc) and team were successful in their bid for ~€248k in funding for a Cheese Functionality Suite. The suite is an integrated combination of key equipment which will facilitate the Irish cheese industry to evaluate, characterise and  demonstrate to international customers the functional characteristics of Irish cheeses produced for export markets where specific characteristics for end use applications are required.  These functional characteristics will include: sliceability, shredability, textural parameters, melt and flow under heat, specific stretch functionalities, and visual characteristics.

Seamus O’Mahony (UCC) and team were successful with a bid for a Dynamic Image Analyser. This ~€137k piece of equipment will enable the characterisation of size, shape, structure and mechanical integrity of powder particles (and any dry solid). This equipment will: accelerate new product development; increase right first time with tighter product specifications; assist with trouble-shooting and problem-solving; facilitate greater product understanding; facilitate greater process understanding, and; enhance product functionality and value-add opportunities. Collectively, achieving these objectives will serve to increase processing efficiency and competitiveness for industry.

Martin Wilkinson, Elaine O’Meara and Ultan Cronin (UL) were placed on a reserve list with a bid for a Small Particle Detecting Flow Cytometer. This ~€200k piece of equipment is a high-speed cytometer uniquely optimised for extremely small particle applications – bacteria, viruses, microvesicles, protein aggregation and nanoparticles. Its addition to the group would significantly expand upon and improve our ability to detect and monitor pathogens and contaminants in the food, pharma, medical device and biotech industries.

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